Strategic Plan
March 4, 2014


"Now that we have a clear vision of where we're going, we need to work
closely with our membership to determine the best way to get there."

HRMAM has a new mission:

Advancing the Human Resource Profession - Driving Business Excellence

The board defined, during their strategic planning session in October 2013, that aligning the objectives of the HR Profession in Manitoba more directly and purposefully with business excellence would help both the organization and its individual members position themselves and the profession more strongly in the eyes of organizational leaders across the Province.

In order to represent the best interests of our members, the profession needs to be seen as a strategic partner at leadership tables, as well as being a critical resource essential for effective day-to-day operations. While this is true in some organizations, it needs to be more consistently applied across the region.

We also have a new vision for the future:

CHRP is a premiere brand and household name in Manitoba. Through our 2,500 members, we are a self-regulated body and partner with business, sponsors and education.

Our members are viewed as strategic leaders in public policy and private sector innovation and make significant impact across diverse communities throughout Manitoba.

To support this mission, four goals have been put into place. They are:
  • Position the Association and the profession as thought leaders with significant influence
  • Promote the CHRP Brand
  • Grow the membership to 2,500 by 2019
  • Become Self-Regulated by 2019
We want to take advantage of all the knowledge and expertise we have inherent in the members of HRMAM and, at the same time, recognize and promote the value this brings. Over the next few years, you can anticipate seeing more of HRMAM and the CHRP designation in the media, in our post-secondary institutions and in leadership roles across all sectors. You can also expect to see more new faces at our events, meetings and conferences.

Because self-regulation is a big step that has many different implications for HRMAM and for our members, you can also expect lots of opportunities for dialogue and information sharing as we work to define what self-regulation will look like and what it will mean in our made-in-Manitoba model.

The full Mission, Vision and Values can be found on the website here.

The full Strategic Plan can be found on the website here.

We hope you take the time to read it through and share your comments and questions with us at

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For additional information please visit: CPHR.CA

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