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PayScale Partnership - HRMAM Members Save 10%!

Payscale, in partnership with HRMAM, can assist you with benchmarking your unique jobs!

How many hours do you spend gathering and processing compensation data? Is your data specific to Manitoba, or do you import data from other locations? 

With PayScale, you get location-specific data that is updated on a daily basis, so it’s guaranteed to always be at market. And, there's no waiting for your data, like with traditional salary surveys.

Each month, PayScale collects over 25,000 new survey profiles from Canadian employee data - that means, we collect Canadian specific data and don't impute or aggregate U.S. data.

As a PayScale client, you have unlimited online access to Payscale's compensation tools so you can take advantage of real-time data to find out what's happening in your specific market.

  • Instant online access to real-time employee data
  • Coverage of every major Canadian market, as well as smaller regional ones
  • Results matched to your organization's specific location, size, and type
  • Salary matched to workplace skills, years of experience, special certifications, and education

Members of HRMAM now save 10% on a subscription to PayScale’s compensation tools!

Sign up with PayScale today and receive a FREE Compensation Report for the job title of your choice. You simply provide a job description, and PayScale will provide you with a FREE Compensation Report designed specifically for your industry and location.

If you like what you see, you’ll save 10% on a PayScale subscription.

See why customers like COBS Bread recommend PayScale:

"I like that I have an ‘all in one database’ where I can login and look up anything—I don’t have to choose from just 
one industry. The data seems to be a lot more accurate than the data we got from other major surveys.”

                - Adele Weeks, HR Manager, COBS Bread

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