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Maintaining Your CPHR Designation


In order to be a CPHR in Manitoba you must maintain your membership with CPHR Manitoba. Failure to renew your membership on a yearly basis will result in revocation of your CPHR designation.

Memberships must be renewed AND paid for by May 31 annually in order to maintain your CPHR designation.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To maintain their designation, CPHRs are required to report a minimum of 100 hours of professional development activity over each rolling three year period and a minimum of 20 hours each year in order to maintain the CPHR designation. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) signifies continued mastery of the CPHR Competency Framework, which outlines 44 discipline specific professional competencies.  

CPHR Manitoba is required to perform an annual audit of 3% of CPHR members. Audits are conducted to ensure the integrity and standard of professionalism reflected in the granting of the CPHR designation.

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CPD Summary of Qualifying Activities


Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct

CPHR Manitoba's Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct identifies and outlines the standards of behaviour relating to fairness, justice, truthfulness, and social responsibility. All CPHRs in Manitoba must abide by the code. 

To view CPHR Manitoba's Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct, click here


Certification can be revoked for any of the following reasons: 

  • Failure to adhere to CPHR Manitoba's Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Falsification or misrepresentation of professional employment experience or other information on any membership, certification or assessment application, or any other documents submitted to provincial HR associations, CPHR Canada, the Independent Board of Examiners (IBE), or any other regulatory bodies
  • Failure to renew provincial HR association membership or pay annual membership dues and CPHR fees
  • Failure to meet Continuing Professional Development requirements



The Fellow CPHR award is a prestigious honourary award that recognizes members who have made exemplary contributions to the profession. The FCHRP recognizes leadership, outstanding achievement and exceptional contribution to the profession. 

For more information on the FCPHR click here


Policies and Forms 

CPHR Transfer  

When a CPHR Manitoba member holding the CPHR designation moves to another province, they are required to transfer their designation to the association responsible for CPHR certification in their new province of residence.

For more information about transferring your CPHR, click here


When you attain your Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, you establish yourself as one of the highest ranking and skilled professionals in HR. You also represent the HR profession and the Canadian CPHR designation granting HR associations to which you belong. As a CPHR, certification can be revoked. 

For more information on the revocation criteria, click here

Leave of Absence 

CPHR holders who are granted maternity or disability leave from their workplace are entitled to apply for and receive an extension for completing Continuing Professional Development hours. The extension granted will be equivalent to any length of time up to the lesser of the total length of the leave granted or one (1) year. 

Requests for a leave of absence must be made prior to the commencement of the leave. Retroactive leaves will not be approved. 

For more information on requesting a LOA click here

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